ITALFUA, was founded during the 1970s by Luigi Cavalli and Vincenzo D’Isanto. At the moment our plant covers a 10,000-square-metre area of which 8,000 are indoors. The experience acquired in the manufacture of cookware during the last 30 years led us to move progressively towards the production and sale of aluminium disks and plates of different size with possible customisation and coating.

As a manufacturer, we offer technical support to our clients, and aim to be the point of reference and the intermediary in Italy for the supply of components and accessories, such as rivets, handles, moulds and/or machinery (used or new) for assembling pots, pans, casseroles etc. We provide an excellent technical support in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. ITALFUA has been a landmark in Italy and abroad for more than 40 years, offering an increasingly enhanced service